SC Stump Grinder

Skid Steers, Compact Tracked Loaders, Tractor Loaders
//SC Stump Grinder
Coneqtec SC21 Stumpgrinder

The patented offset design of the Universal stump grinder increases productivity by providing maximum visibility to the stump. This allows better control of the cutting head. The offset design also directs the chips and dust to the side and away from the operator, improving operator comfort.

The cutter head arm telescopes forward and back using the hydraulic controls. Combined with a hydraulically controlled swing of up to 67″, repositioning the skid steer is rarely necessary to completely grind a stump.

Universal stump grinders are available in standard flow and high flow versions to match the stump grinder to the hydraulic power available from your skid steer.  Both standard and high flow versions utilize high torque, direct-drive motors for maximum productivity.



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