AP Cold Planer

Skid Steers, Compact Tracked Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Excavators
//AP Cold Planer
Coneqtec AP600 Cold Planer

The Coneqtec AP Series have been proven to be most productive cold planers on the market. Patented features include the open drum, center pivot and front down design.

The AP Series Cold Planer is the flagship product for Coneqtec-Universal.

Open Drum Design – The exclusive open drum design improves planer productivity by greatly reducing the power loss caused by the pics and drum passing through the already planed material. Standard planing drums lose power, particularly at depths below 1-1/2” because material is trapped between the pics and the drum. The open drum design overcomes this problem giving you increased productivity. The open drum shaft is supported on both ends by greasable heavy-duty bearings.


Center-Pivot Design – Planer performance is greatly improved with the center pivot design which puts the force of the skid steer directly over the cutting drum. This eliminates stress on the planer frame and the “instability & bouncing” experienced with the rear pivot or top pivot products currently on the market. This feature greatly increases productivity and stability in your most difficult planing operations such as dense packed asphalt or concrete.


Front Down Design — The operation and safety of the planer is greatly enhanced by the unique front down design. This exclusive feature keeps the front of the planer low to the ground, providing a constant barrier for the debris generated by the planing operation.


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