HS-57 Manhole Saw

Skid Steers, Compact Tracked Loaders, Backhoe Loaders
//HS-57 Manhole Saw
HS-57 Manhole Saw

The HS-57 is a heavy-duty skid steer attachment that removes the collar and surrounding area of concrete and asphalt encasing manhole covers.  The HS-57 drastically reduces the hours required to repair manhole covers to minutes; typically 10-20 minutes in concrete and twice as fast in asphalt.  Coneqtec-Universal recently released the Series II with:

  • 14” depth cut
  • improved positioning
  • optional drums with varying cutting widths
  • optional centering arms

One Man  |  One Machine
The HS-57 Manhole Saw was designed to complete jobs with only one operator and a skid steer loader.

Reduced Labor and Improved Safety – Competitive circular cutting attachments require three men for placement, cutting and removal. Traditional methods require six or more workers with hand tools for a 2-3 hour period for completion. The HS-57 only requires 5-15 minutes with one operator and a skid steer. This dramatically reduces labor hours and street closures by as much as 75%.


Clamping Mechanism – The HS-57 utilizes a self-aligning hydraulic clamp mechanism to attach to the lip of the collar insuring the saw is centered and secured. The cutting is accomplished by using hydraulics to apply down pressure to the cutting drum rather than the weight of the skid steer.


Circular vs. Square Cut – Traditionally, diamond blade circular saws and jackhammers have been used to cut a square area out around manholes. The disadvantage of these squared areas is that they develop stress fractures that extrude from the sides and corners. The HS-57 leaves a circular pattern that reduces the possibilities of fractures and provides an excellent surface for long lasting adhesion of replacement materials.



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