PM Pattern Mill

Skid Steers, Compact Tracked Loaders
Coneqtec PM400IC Pattern Mill

Adhering to DOT requirements for complex patterns can be very time consuming for operators. The optional electronic interruptible cut control module significantly simplifies and automates this process. The IC module engages the milling head following a customized pattern code that is stored on an SD card. With the Coneqtec PM-400IC, operators can easily and accurately mill the most complex of patterns without wasting time approximating, “counting lines” and repositioning.

Applications include highway rumble strips, recessed reflector cuts and recessed line markers including old line removal.

Like the AP Planers, the PM Pattermills also include the patented center pivot and front down designs which maximize clean, smooth cuts.


Interchangeable drums – A full line of interchangeable drum widths are available to allow the pattern mill to make cuts for rumble strips, recessed reflectors and recessed white lines.



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