SP Surface Prep

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Coneqtec SP200 Surface Prep

The SP-200 is a valuable tool to quickly remove stripes from streets and parking lots.  It comes standard with high-speed flails or optional high pic count drum for removing a thin surface layer.  It has an exclusive side pivot floating head design to handle uneven surfaces lengthwise and crosswise.

Besides standard applications such as removing stripes and surface repair, contractors have found other uses such as quickly breaking up tile from warehouse and shopping center floors.

Precision depth adjustment – The precision, manual depth adjustment offers precise control of the cutting depth required for various stripe media and road surfaces.


Narrow surface following head – The narrow width of the SP series surface prep machines allow the cutting head to follow the contour of the road directly adjacent to the stripe or material to be removed. This greatly reduces the gouging, shadowing, or skipping of stripe that is common in wider units.


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