SSG Slot Cutter

Skid Steers, Compact Tracked Loaders, Backhoe Loaders
//SSG Slot Cutter
Coneqtec SSG9 Slot Cutter

The SSG Slot Cutters have a patented roll-in depth control so the operator can keep both hands on skid steer controls at all times.  Slot cutters provide a clean edge for repair of potholes, cracks and parking lot patches.  Utility cuts are also commonly performed with slot cutters for quick line lays and repairs.  By utilizing the power provided by a skid steer, asphalt and concrete cuts take little time and can be run for miles at a time.

The SSG Slot Cutter has also proved to be a valuable tool for micro-trenching.

Hydraulic roll-in depth control – The patented roll-in depth control allows the operator to easily change the depth of cut without removing his hands from the controls. The operator controls the depth utilizing the skid steer’s existing bucket function.


High torque direct drive design – These motors deliver the power directly to the cutting disc. No power is lost through a planetary reduction system. A wide selection of motors are available to maximize the productivity of your skid steer.



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