Hydraulic Attachments

Professional Grade
Coneqtec Water Kit

Water Kits

The Universal Water Kit is a roof mounted watering system that reduces dust production and extends cutting and grinding components’

Coneqtec SSG9 Slot Cutter

SSG Slot Cutter

The SSG Slot Cutters have a patented roll-in depth control so the operator can keep both hands on skid steer

Coneqtec APX Cold Planer Roll-out

APX Cold Planer

The APX Series of planers are simply the easiest and most economical way to handle all your planing needs. The

Coneqtec SP200 Surface Prep

SP Surface Prep

The SP-200 is a valuable tool to quickly remove stripes from streets and parking lots.  It comes standard with high-speed

Coneqtec PM400IC Pattern Mill

PM Pattern Mill

Adhering to DOT requirements for complex patterns can be very time consuming for operators. The optional electronic interruptible cut control

HS-57 Manhole Saw

HS-57 Manhole Saw

The HS-57 is a heavy-duty skid steer attachment that removes the collar and surrounding area of concrete and asphalt encasing

Coneqtec AP600 Cold Planer

AP Cold Planer

The Coneqtec AP Series have been proven to be most productive cold planers on the market. Patented features include the open